D&D Next, or just the new Dungeons & Dragons, will be released later this year. Images above : thumbnail graphics of the covers from the Wizards’ product catalogue.

The products announced are: - Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set (July 15, 2014); Fantasy Roleplaying Fundamentals; $19.99; Will include six dice, a 64-page rulebook with adventure, rules for characters levels 1-5, and 5 pregenerated characters.
- Player’s Handbook (August 19, 2014); Core Rulebook; $49.95; …
- Hoard of the Dragon Queen (August 19, 2014); Tyranny of Dragons Adventure; $29.95; …
- Monster Manual (September 17, 2014); Core Rulebook $49.95; …
- The Rise of Tiamat (October 21, 2014); Tyranny of Dragons Adventure $29.95; …
- Dungeon Master’s Guide (November 18, 2014); Core Rulebook $49.95; …
Deluxe DM Screen (January 20, 2015); $14.95; …
(citing Mike Mearls and Wizards of the Coast)

(Own opinion: I’m still pretty confused about what I read about Next/5e and it’s been strange watching Wizards sell DnDNext compatible adventures without any rules in the public domain. However, I’m a real sucker for starter sets, especially if they contain character generation rules enough information to run campaigns with. The collector in me will then assess the merits of buying core rulebooks. :) )
I cracked and preordered the Starter Box from
. :)



Minecraft has finally reached the pinnacle of Human Achievement. Over the past two years a dedicated group of players have recreated one man’s dream: Walt Disney World!

Crossover post! Theme Parks & Rec is our sister covering all things Theme Parked. These crazy cats at McMagic have recreated a 1:1 scale ver. of Walt Disney World. Even fully recreating some rides! Their version of Pirates of the Caribbean is SERIOUS.

cbellella asked:

Hi! I found you on the Escape the Room NYC tag, and I was just wondering if you could give me some info. I know the whole thing is a don't tell/talk about experience but my friends and I are definitely planning on booking a day, but two of them have some anxiety issues. I'd like to know how to get out of the room just in case one of them has a mini panic attack or anything of the like especially when the time starts ticking down, yet I don't want to have to "give up" you know? Thanks in advance!

While I don’t want to reveal anything about the rooms, I will say that there is a Cluemaster with you at all times, so if your friends do feel anxious there is someone with a key to let you out. Everyone at Escape the Room was super nice so I’m sure if you let them know up front when you get in that they will take care of your group. Let us know how it goes! Good Luck!